Our Mission

Our products are manufactured custom made according to your specific requirements, to offer you the best cost-benefit ratio to achieve the best quality standards.

We are building a machine, that’s the best fit for your company, according to your requirements and your application area.

Because of our customized configuration, we are able to offer you a better price than our competition. Just send us a request and we will be happy to give you further information on our products.

We are your reliable partner and supplier of high quality optical measuring machines as well as precision collets from Swiss technology leader Tecnopinz.

Quality Control 4.0

The new age of industry 4.0 also requires quality control 4.0. Our machines can be easily incorporated into your company network via serial connection as well as via Wi-Fi.

Just assign a bar code to the work pieces you want to measure or use the automatic program identification to measure your pieces within a few seconds without any programming experience! The measured data can be forwarded automatically.

Let us advise you so that we can help you to upgrade your quality management.


More than 30 years of experience in optical measuring, high speed scanning as well as micro 3D measuring lead to the development of our new Inspektor Qcheck 50.

This digital measuring projector was designed and developed, to ensure an affordable, efficient and fast documentation and quality control for the manufacture of small work pieces.

In doing so the Inspektor Qcheck 50 meets our highest demands on accuracy and repeatability.

Our machines are manufactured custom made according to your specific requirements and can be easily incorporated into your manufacturing line.

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High Precision Collets

Our collets of the brand Tecnopinz “Swiss Made” stand for Swiss quality.

Tecnopinz ETS and ETA collets meet the highest demands, where micro-meter, concentricity and long longevity are concerned.

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Tell us your problems and we will find the best solution for you.

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