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ETS & ETA Standard und Ultra Precision

In many sectors precision is the most important USP over their competitors.

It is a sign of greater competitiveness and of a higher product value for the costumer.

For the most accurate processing Tecnopinz offers a UP-version (Ultra Precision) for ETS collets as well as for ETA collets. Ultra Precision ensures a static concentricity error under 0,003 mm.


ER Collets Compatibility

The collets and clamping nuts of the ETS & ETA series are fully compatible with all toll systems of the type ER and have the best radial run out values on the market.

Due to their construction, ETS collets are much more precise than ER collets.

By changing the union nut the ETS collets are compatible with all ER clamping systems.

In order to use ETS collets, only one ETS union nut is required.

The advantages:


  • Self-Centering, simplifies the set up
  • No friction between clamping nut and collet
  • Better concentricity properties and longer tool longevity
  • ETS clamping nuts are shorter than ER, you can work in greater proximity to the work pieces
  • UP collets are only useful, if the clamping system is suited for high precision

ETS & ETA (swiss patent 649.242)

ETS & ETA clamping nuts with self-centering properties.

PCB Collets

  • Collets for LP HF spindels
  • Westwind
  • Precise
  • Machswiss
  • Mechatronics
  • Hitachi


Product News:

UP (Ultra Precision) und Sonderbeschichtung für PCB Spannzangen lieferbar.

Der Rundlauf Ihre Spindel bzw. Spannzangen ist nicht nur entscheidend für Ihre Bohrgenauigkeit, sondern es verbessert außerdem die Stanzzeit Ihrer Werkzeuge erheblich.


Customized Models

Your demands are our benchmark. We are happy to produce small series or prototypes from blue prints or samples according to your wishes.

  • Special manufacture
  • Prototypes
  • Individual items
  • Small scale series
  • Special coatings
  • Special treatments
  • Individual development and consulting

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